What’s up?

Hey… so what’s up? Nothing much…
Just wanted to post something so you know I’m still here. I’ve been busy but not with doing designs but with some other stuff. I’ve worked some local festivals as a stage manager. That’s always a downer for me. When you see stuff going on behind the stage you see a different face of the music industry, and let me tell you… the face ain’t pretty. Back to the graphics… i didn’t have a lot of work in that department… at least not anything worth posting.  Just the Converge/Kylesa poster. I did make some modifications to the web site… just edited my info and tweaked the css for the index a bit.
That’s it… I’m out…

[picture on the post: a photo of the Converge/Kylesa billboard I did for the show in Močvara. photo by Hadžo]

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