Hey. Glad you stayed on this website log enough to check out this section. So what is this site all about? This web site is a portfolio/blog/web site etc… for my imaginary company 5L081CH.6R4PH1C5.

How did it all start you might wonder… well here we go…
I didn’t attend any school or college, and have no formal education in the area of design. The reason I got in this gig is just good old fashion DIY. When I was a kid I got involved in the local hardcore punk community. Consequently in 1998 I got more involved and started working for Culture development society  “CDS” and in 1999 started working in the venue “CDS” opened called club Močvara.

During the years I started to do posters, it was just cut & paste and photocopying. Latter on I started using a computer; and here I am. I ‘m, what you might call a victim of technology. I wouldn’t call my self a designer… I suppose other designers wouldn’t call me a designer either:)… what am I… I’ll leave that up to you:)… hope you like my stuff and if you have any questions drop me a line.

Oh yeah… most of the stuff here are posters for shows and I do a lot of web banners; and in very rare occasions I do some web design. 90% of the stuff I do is for Močvara.