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A designer and web developer who created this theme… he does great stuff, so i just wanted to give credit where credit’s due:).
Web site of a web developer… worked with him on one project.
A really cool artist… great illustrations… I like his work very much.
Igor Hofbauer –
Hof is an excellent illustrator. I do a lot of stuff with him… He is analog and oldschool:)… so he does the creative work and I translate it in to the computer:)… Unfortunately Hof does not have a web site but you can check out his section on
A design collective from Croatia.
A great designer… I’m a big fan of his.
Keith is a awesome designer and illustrator. I had a chance to work with him.
Robert Butković
A designer from Croatia… does a lot of cool my space layouts.
Scharlaw -
A web site of a friend who is a photographer.